World Sleep Day 2019:
Today 15 March 2019 is celebrated as World Sleep Day all over the world. It’s a Day of awareness that how important is your health in your life and you should also care about your families health too.
To prevent sleep disorders. The main point of the world sleep day is healthy sleeping and relaxation for your health.
 In this age, all people are not getting enough sleep because of many reasons especially children and teenagers which affects their physical and mental health. After some research, today I am telling You Some Tips on how you can encourage your children to go to bed.


Most important of all sleeping is a very important thing as eating so If you sleep eight hours a day you will feel more energetic.


Eat Healthily

World Sleep Day 2019:


The First Rule of a healthy sleep or healthy life is to eat healthy foods which can digest easily and give you a proper sleep. In a study doctor researched on 177,091 children in the age between 8-17 and they have found forty percent of those kids could not get enough sleep due to their unhealthy eating and in eating in the wrong time. people who  have sleeping problems they like to eat more so their leptin levels fall (leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone)
 so I suggest you eat healthy food in proper time.


Don’t Watch Anything For Long

World Sleep Day 2019:


We are living among the screens usually it couldn’t able to notice how screens impact our health but it is ideal to avoid screens, it could be anything like smartphones, tv, laptops etc. Do not stare at Screens for too long, European research studies have shown that children who use smartphones in dark, don’t sleep well. Children who use screens in dark have lack of energy in the day time so when you find your kids playing games in dark, put them in bed.

Environment Of Your Bedroom

World Sleep Day 2019:

Enviourment of your bedroom also plays a  role for Healthy Sleep. Always clean your bedroom and use a low power lamp so your room stays dark. And also fresh air, good smell, low temperature can help you to relax if you are stressed.

Right Timing For Sleep

World Sleep Day 2019:

If you want to have a healthy sleep then you must go to bed at the right time.
So be strict about sleep timing. Make your kids go to the bedroom in the right time. So they can have a healthy sleep  

Sleep With Your Kids

World Sleep Day 2019:

There is a common fact around the globe that people believe that if their kids sleep in a different room that can improve their skills and become self-independent. But a recent researched have shown that sleeping with parents for the six months can fix the sleeping problems

Follow This tips, And I am sure your sleeping problems will be gone and you can have a healthy sleep so stay healthy and sleep well.

Happy World Sleep Day.


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