Make money from home: guys, I know it’s hard to find a job. All though if you find your dream job it does not mean that you are going to get it. I am writing this post, especially for students and employees. So don’t waste your time, you can turn every second of your life into money. 

The first rule of earning money online is you have to be patient. Most of us thought that making money online will make us rich in a week, that’s not true. You have to be patient and you have to be honest with your self that you are working hard enough. Because if you think that you will steal any ones work because it’s online, that’s not gonna work, that’s not how you can get money. work hard, be patient, and do your best.

Earn money online from home

Two Ways To Earn Money Online From Home 

Easy Way To Make Money From Home:

I am being honest with you that making money online is going to be easy and also hard. You have to choose either an easy path or the hard path. Because if you choose the easy path then it will not be a  permanent one, you can do this type of making money online with your primary job. The easy path will not get you enough money that you need for your daily life.

Permanent  Way Of Making Money Online

Actually, it’s not hard but you can call it a complex way to make money online. It’s complex because you need to create your own content. Create something that you know more than any of your friends, Create something new that no one can do but you can.

 Then you have to be patient and you have to do what you are doing without hoping any results. You have to learn your faults and fix them. You have to develop your skills by researching. and learning. Though every one can’t wait for long, if you do follow these steps the I Guarantee you that you will taste the success one day.

Easy Way of Making Money From Home

There are many easy ways to earn money online but to today I will talk about the most genuine ways that can help you to earn money online.


➤ Earn Money By Reviewing Products

Earn money online from home without any investment

Yes, you are right you can earn money by reviewing a product. I know most of you all, review every product that you have purchased from Amazon, eBay or Flipkart. But they did not give you any money. Its just help future buyers to know how the products quality is so how it can help you right?

 Well maybe be those sites don’t give you any money but here is a new website that gives you money for your reviews. No, you don’t have to purchase anything to review their products, Just search for something that you have used and write an honest review about those products and don’t worry if you can’t find anything. 

Just put some efforts to research about the product, watch youtube videos and I am sure that you will get pretty much every information to write your review so why wasting time? go to Swagbucks

Not only you can get money for reviewing products but also you will get a large number of gift cards, vouchers. And if you prefer your friend and they join through you then you will also get a reward. Also, you can earn money from this website through online surveys. Just answer the questions honestly and you are good to go. You can also redeem your cash by Paypal

For any reason, if you don’t like this site. But you want to earn money by reviewing products then do not worry here is some trusted websites that you can try 

These websites are legit and you can trust them. But you have to write a good review, with at least 300 to 500 words so you have to be specific and it’s better to review those products that you have used so you can explain easily.

➤ Earn Money By Answering  Surveys

Earn money online from home without any investment

You know mostly surveys are used for feedback about some product or services. And many of us did answer surveys for fun or feedback, Do you know that this could give you a lot of money and what you have to do is just answer them honestly and you will be paid.
 You might be thinking that why should anyone give you money for answering some simple questions. Actually, if you answer them correctly those who are paying for your answers can improve their products and services so you are not getting paid for answers, you are getting paid for helping them to improve their products and they are getting knowledge about peoples interest so they can modify their way of promoting.

Just visits the website below and signup with your email id and start answering questions and withdraw your earnings into your bank accounts

Some of these sites not only pay you money for answering surveys but it also pays for playing games, visiting websites shopping online and much more so make sure to check those sites.

➤ Get Paid For Clicking

You want to earn money easily from home well i prefer this way is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Paid to click sites is also called as ptc sites. These websites drive you to different websites so they get traffic and you will get some money for going to those sites, It’s easier then you think.

what you have to do is just register in those websites and view the ads they provide and you will get the money. Make sure that if you want to earn money from this website, do this daily and after the minimum withdraw limit is passed you can withdraw your earnings with Paypal.

One of the most important things is do not try to cheat them or your account might be disabled. Do not try to create more than one account from your device, Just do your job legit way and you will get paid. One of the most trusted and legit ptc sites is ojooowad

I used this site in past and i am 100% sure that you will love this website. they don’t delay your payments and its easy to use ojooowad and there is a feature that you can buy workers for you they will view ads and you will get paid, you can buy workers in ojooo with the money you earned. So if you are going for paid to click sites then go for ojooo.

There are also some other sites that you can trust. Try them as well.

 These sites have the same features as ojooo. So you want to use more than one ptc sites then go for these sites.



➤ Earn Money From Home By Affiliate Marketing

If this does not sound familiar then no problem. Affiliate marketing may sound a little complex but trust me it’s not. So what is affiliate marketing? 

well, it’s just a programme of online e-commerce websites to increase their sells by affiliates. Simply they just give you a unique link which you have to share and if anyone purchases the product through your link then you will get a commission
what you have to do is just register in those affiliates programmes below and choose products that you want to display or share and when someone buys that product from your link you will be paid. So now here is a problem that how you attract more people so they can buy from your link.

 If you have a website or blog then it will be easy for you to display the product and do not worry if you don’t have a website, ( how to create a blog for free). And create a post about the product and explain the good parts of the product and share the product in social media,
 If your friend gonna purchase anything online then go to affiliate dashboard and search the product and convince your friend to purchase that from your link and you will have the commission.

 Just share the affiliate links and i am sure someone will buy it because you will be using Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programmes and this site is the most popular and trusted e-commerce website so do not worry. You can use this affiliate programme below

➤ Capture and Sell Photos Without Investment   

Earn money online from home without any investment

Here is another thing that you can do to earn money from home. You got a nice camera (does not have to be DSLR), you are good to go. What you have to do is create an account in those websites below and start selling your captured photos.

Do not think that your photo will start selling so easily. Basically, people buy photos to use it commercially to apply those photos into posters, banners, advertisements etc. And so you have to use your brain to take some unique photos that can be used in such things so don’t think that you will get paid for some unnecessary photos.

Here are some websites that can help you to sell your photos. Remember these websites are the most trusted website. And your uploaded photos will be copyrights protected and no one will steal your photos. do not worry about your payments

➤ Earn Money By Searching In Google Or Yahoo

Earn money online from home without any investment
yeah, i know that what you might be thinking now. What i am talking about, you just searching in google for your entire life since you got an internet connection and you know very well that Google, Bing, or Yahoo doesn’t pay any money for searching so how you get paid right? believe me, i am also surprised when i first heard about this website. qmee is the website which you are looking for

you just have to install a plugin in your browser and when you search in google or any other search engine you will get some few sponsored search result with it. And they contain rewards so if you click them you will get the reward. It’s simple and interesting.

Though this website doesn’t work in many countries so when you first visit this website make sure that your countries are listed too. Do not try to use VPN if your country is not listed or otherwise you will be having problems while withdrawing your money.

➤ Sell Second-hand Products

Earn money online

yes, i know that many of you know how to sell your used stuff online but how it can help you to earn money because you can’t just sell all your stuff. Though this way of earning money is temporary or part-time. 

For starters ask your friend that if they want to sell any of their used stuff then if you find that its good to be sold then just upload the product on online websites and make sure write a detailed description about the product quality and if your product is still in good condition then i am sure someone will buy it. Upload the product with a little bit high price tag then what your friend told and that’s your profit for doing your hard work.

If the product is in good condition but for some reason, it is not selling then write a post in social media about the product and if it’s still not helping then told your friend to lower the price tag then i am pretty sure it will be sold.

Here is some legit website from where you can start selling your products

just by signing up.

➤ Earn Money Through Mobile Apps

Earning money through mobile apps is the easiest way of earning money. What you need is a smartphone and you are good to go. Just install some few apps on your android device and they will give you some tasks, complete those tasks and your money will be transferred to your paytm wallet after the minimum withdrawal limit is crossed.
You will get different tasks for different apps like installing apps, watching ads, watching videos visiting websites etc. Honestly, i used those apps in past and i am telling you this will not last for long, probably because some apps will stop working or you will lose interest. i am not suggesting to do this job but if you think you can handle then you can do it.

Here is some online money making apps that is most popular and common.

➤ Start Reselling with 0 investment

earn money online

This way you can earn lots of money than the other easy ways. So don’t miss any details. Usually, to resell any product, you have to purchase it first then you sell that product with a little higher price then you have purchased. But i said you will need no money to resell any product so you might be thinking who will give you free stuff right.

 Well, actually you don’t need to purchase anything at all. You just have to write a good post about the product and share as much as you can. And a good point is you don’t even need any desktop or laptop to do this work, got a smartphone that’s it.

You just need to install an app from the link below and after registering just choose the product you think easy to sell and here is the thing, You can sell that product with your own price tag, I mean you can type the amount of money that you think is good for sale.

And you do not have to worry about packing the product or delivering the product. Once you have a buyer for your product, just ask them their delivery address and put that address in the app. They will deliver the product and you will get your money in your wallet or bank account. So why wasting time start earning money from home with the Meesho Reselling App.


 Earn Money By Solving Captchas

You have 1to 3 hours of free time in a day, Then you can turn that time into money with captcha solving. When you visit a website you can see there is an option to verify that you are a human, not a robot, That is the captcha and you solve those captchas to verify yourself. But do you know that this little work can give you a lot of money, well you have to be fast to earn more money.  
visit here to learn more about captcha solving job.


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Permanent way Of Money Making From Home

In this way, you can earn a lot of money than the easy one but you have to be patient you have to work hard, you have to be creative and unique. 

★ Start Working As A Freelancer 

Earn money from home

Everybody has their own skills. No one is stupid just their talents are different than others. Just remember if anybody says that you are useless just show them what you can do and they can’t, Everybody has their unique abilities, just you have to find it.

 Here is the point, you think you can do something but could not find the right platform to do it, like making intros, animations, logos, trailers, voice-overs, web design, SEO, translations etc. Then, ladies and gentleman, May I present you, the house of millions of freelancers 

So if you can do something like those then check out, Its a very popular and very trusted site for making money. offers you to give people your services with a starting price of 5 dollars, You can also add more features to your services for more money.

 If you are going for it then i can suggest you make something unique and new that no other freelancer have theirs. When you join fiverr for the first time, add more features at a low price so people will buy your service.
Also, there is the next level of online freelancing You can profit more money, what you have to do is just the same just upload your samples on another website and do the same work. For more info visit


★ Start Blogging

Everyone knows something that no one knows, You can share that knowledge. It does not only help others to gain that knowledge but it also helps you to earn a lot of money. Starting a new blog is not so difficult all but waiting for readers is difficult. You have to be patient if your blog is unique and helpful than one day your blog will fill with viewers from every corner of the world 

You can create a blog for free. Just go to blogger and click on create blog option and then signup with your google account and then go to the new blog and type your blog name and address and that’s it your blog will be created. There is a youtube video that you can watch, it fully explains everything.

how you earn money from a blog? 

Most importantly if you have no passion for writing or blogging, and you are here only to earn money they don’t create a blog do something else, because you will lose patience and leave anyway. And if you think that you can copy paste anybody’s article and become a rich person, then you are wrong my friend.

 Googles algorithm will detect a copy paste article and you will not get any traffic from Google. But if you write a unique article google Adsense will approve and your blog will be monetized.

★ Create A Website

earn money from home

Today creating a website is a piece of cake, Everybody can do it, it does not require any knowledge of coding. You can earn money from your website by running ads, affiliate items, sponsored content etc.

 just buy a domain from any website like GoDaddy or big rock and host your domain with web hosting companies like Bluehost. Then install WordPress into your site, WordPress is the easiest and effective way to build a professional website so i suggest WordPress more than anything.

SEO is also a very important topic to get a large amount of traffic on your site, so do a valid on and off page SEO. You can write articles on your website or maybe talking about new gadgets, movie reviews etc. But most importantly do not buy any traffic from any website. It will have a negative impact on your SEO. Create your WordPress website.

Now if you want to create a free website, then go to and get a domain for free and go to for free web hosting. But i am being honest with you guys, I created many free websites in the past and they did not work properly and you will be frustrated just like me if you use free websites, i would not recommend it.

★ Open A Youtube Channel

You have something to show the world then what are you waiting for, youtube is the largest platform to upload videos. Millions of people visit youtube every day so if you do something unique and if you are good at it, people will come and watch your video so you don’t have to worry about views. 

The first rule of making youtube videos is to create something new, something different because today youtube is filled with video makers If you want to compete than show people something they didn’t watch before.

There is no limit, you can create videos in every topic but i suggest to choose one topic that you love most. And you can monetize your videos once you cross the watch time limit of your videos. You will find many tutorials on how to create a youtube channel on the internet. 

★ Earn Money From Facebook

Yes, you are doing facebook for many years and yet you don’t know how you can earn money from facebook. Well, it’s simple you have a blog or website where you post articles then you are good to go. The Facebook instant article allows you to post your articles on Facebook with monetization option so sign up for Facebook Instant article now.
If you have a youtube channel and if you are creating videos then you can also upload your videos on Facebook, Just create a facebook page with your channel name and start uploading videos. And if your videos have no copyrights content then you can monetize your videos easily.
You can also run Facebook ads on your website. It is great and you can earn a lot of money if you have enough traffic on your website. Its called Facebook audience network. Once you register in facebook audience network they will check your website if your site is eligible and if your site is eligible then you can implement Facebook ads into your site and earn money. Facebook is also a trusted site so don’t worry about payments.

★ Create Your Own Android App

Earn money online from home without any investment
Creating an android app is not an easy task. But you know that easy or hard is just a word, if you think that you can do something then you will do it because you have the potential in yourself and do not think any negative thoughts and you will be successful. And i am not talking about of any ad watching apps that only made for watching ads. 

You have to create something useful something that people need. You can ask your friends about what they need in an Android app, ask in social media that what they are missing in apps. You have to create an app that satisfies everyone’s need. Then i am sure your app will go viral in no time.

Android Studio is the best software you can use to create an android app. You will find hundreds of useful tutorials and videos on how to use the android studio and create your own app. So you want to create something new then download android studio.

★ Create A Uc We-Media Account

UC media or UC news is the greatest platform for article writers. They have huge traffic so you don’t need to worry about viewers. Also, you can monetize your articles so you get a good amount of money. If you have a blog or website then you can copy paste your article in UC news, And do not try to copy paste any ones work.

If you are joining UC news then i can suggest you to choose to write an article about trending topics, you will find trending topics in there so you don’t need to research on the web. Create an article that people will share so you will get more viewers and more views mean more money. 

Share your article in all social media accounts and groups, Do not think that if you go to UC news and publish your article and you will start getting money, you have to go through their eligibility taste and if you succeed then you can monetize your article. 

★ Start your own Online Store

Earn money online from home without any investment

You can start your own online store by creating an e-commerce website. And you don’t need to hire anyone to set up your site. Do it yourself so you don’t have to pay. 

First, purchase a domain from Godaddy or big rock then choose a web hosting company like Bluehost and install  WordPress into your site, select an e-commerce friendly theme and install woo commerce plugin. that’s all however if you want to do it you can set up your e-commerce website by seeing this step by step article

Always choose some unique and good quality products to sell. And give some discount so people will choose to buy products from your site than others. Deliver the product as fast as you can so they won’t have to worry about it.

How You Can Start your Online Business

i already told you about how you can make money from home without any investment but here is the bonus. You can grow or start your business by investing money.

Online Selling

earn money without any investment

You have great platforms to sell your products, so why waiting. If you have a small business then upload those products online in Amazon, Flipkart,

eBay and your sell will increase if your product quality is good. And if you want to start an online selling business then buy some good quality products from any wholesaler and list them in Amazon or Flipkart.

what you have to do is just register in those website bellows as a seller and give valid information and they will accept you as a seller. pack products like a pro so people can give you good ratings and start selling unique products and do not worry about payments your earnings will be credited into your bank accounts.

Domain Selling

this the easiest and most hard way, It’s easy because you just have to buy domains and its hard because you have to find domain names that have commercial values so they will sell easily.
There are a lot of different extensions but you need to buy domain extensions like .com, .in, .net .org. There are lots of tutorials about this business so you don’t have to worry. 
You will find lots of articles and tutorials about this business so check them out and start your business.

Online Trading

earn money without any investment

You have some money to invest and want to earn more profit, than today you have an opportunity to invest in stock markets online. If this is your first time than i strongly recommend to learn more about online trading, You can take online courses before going to invest, read economical newspapers, tv channels so you will get an idea where to invest. This is a risky task but if you have enough knowledge you can do it.

If you like this article then do not forget o share it with your friends.


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