So your android phones battery is running out? and any third party power-saving apps making it worse. If that is the case for you then you are in the right place. Just follow these simple steps and your battery problem will vanish.

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Modify Hidden Settings To Save Battery Life On Android

modify this few settings on android and it will save you android battery and extend its usage.

 Save Battery On Android

Optimize Screen Settings

optimize screen settings

Have you ever looked at your battery usage to see what’s draining your battery? If you do then you will see a huge amount of battery is sucked by your screen. Your screen is always working when you use your android so how can you fix this?

The answer is simple first go to setting and then display settings and adjust the brightness as lower as possible and if daydream to screen saver option is on, switch it off and change the screen off the timing to 15 seconds. that’s it your screen issue is now fixed.

Use Airplane Mode

This can help to save you a lot of battery and it increases your battery life. Basically, airplane mode is used during the journey on an airplane, when you switch on airplane mode it just disables your Simcard connection to the network, it prevents any communication issue on plane.

But do you know it can help you to increase battery even you are in a house? but the question is how. So when you are not using your mobile it doesn’t mean it’s not active, its vital features like call and SMS are still operational and it’s draining a huge amount of battery silently.

When you activate airplane mode you will not receive any call and SMS sent to you.  To get the benefit of this method use a time when you are not expecting any calls and you are watching videos or playing games offline. And your battery life will expend.

Switch Networks

 Save Battery On Android

Today we all have a 4g device or a 3g smartphone, but the higher frequency its gets its drains a large amount of battery. We all know 3g internet speed is much better the 2g and 4g is a huge development, its speed is fascinating.

When you want to save your battery for call SMS or any offline task, you should change your network to 2g. It helps your processer to use fewer resources and your battery life will increase. To change the networks first go to >>Settings  >> Mobile Networks, and change the mode to gsm.

Limit Background Process

extend battery life

If you are using your every hour to watch videos, play games and chatting, then you are using various third-party apps. These apps can drain your battery secretly in the background. But the good thing is you can fix it by some simple steps.

To set a limit of your background process first go to >>settings. if you already unlocked the developer options then go to >> Developer options but if there is no developer option, go to >>about and tap Build Number continuously for 7-9 times, and it will be unlocked.

Now go to >>Developer Option and set limit background processes to 1 processes. Now only 1 processes will run in the background and your ram will be free and your device’s battery will extend.

Clear Your Home Screen

When I brought my first android phone, I customized it versus widgets and apps but it really drains some huge amount of battery, because it’s constantly running when you are using your android for any task. delete all the widget you have in your mobile even clock and weather widgets.

Use Lite Apps

 Save Battery On Android

The more features one app have it consume more battery, to save power uninstall all bigger apps and use lite versions of them. for example, e all use google, youtube and facebook app. But if you search in google play you can find the version of them, lite apps consume less data, less power, and its works smoothly.

Uninstall And Disable Unnecessary Apps

When you get a new android device there are lots of apps installed which you don’t want. And many of us choose to stay those apps. But all these apps may be consuming energy from your phone, so it is better to get rid of them permanently.

But the problem is some of these apps are attached to system and cant be uninstalled. You don’t have to uninstall these type of apps just go to >>settings >>applications (apps) >>select the app >> disable the app. You are done these useless apps will not bother you ever again.

No Live Wallpaper And  Launcher

This is the biggest problem of new users, they always try to get an artificial look for their device.  It may look very cool and you can show off to your friends but live wallpapers and third-party launchers contently drain energy from your android.

And trust me you will never get satisfied with one launcher or live wallpaper. You will search for the play store every day to see if you can find a better one. If you have an AMOLED display then a darker wallpaper is good for you, it will consume less energy and it saves battery power.

Restrict Background Data

extend battery life

This settings not only helps you to save battery but it also helps you to save data too. When you subscribe any channel on youtube or any website, apps its sends you notification from their server, but you don’t have to open that app to see the notifications.

when you are connected to the internet it automatically sends you notification because it’s runnings in background. it consumes battery, ram, data. To fix this go to >>settings>>data usage>>Restrict background data. And select all apps

Use Browser Then Apps

Guys, I think you know by now, installing apps is not good for saving battery. Then how do fulfill that service without apps? well, most of the cases there are websites. Like if you are watching a movie on Netflix android app, you can just uninstall that app and stream that movie in and save your android’s energy.

When there is no website of any app you can search google for its alternative services. And trust me you will find it because there are thousands of websites under on category.

Turn Off Rotation

We all have the gravity sensor in the android phone it detects when you rotate your device and changes the screen to display as you like. Its also used in android games to navigate planes, cars, etc. But when you turn ton the rotation option from notification pannel it’s always activated even if you are not using your mobile, so turn it off after you use it And extend your battery life.

Disable Data, Location, wifi, Bluetooth

I noticed this issue on many people phones, they forget to turn off any wifi, Bluetooth after using them. And of course, the battery percentage is going down. So just turn them off when you are not using them.

Block Notification

This is a major issue for power drain, some of your large apps always active and you need to block notifications from those apps,  go to >>settings>>Notification settings>>app notification, and block notification from unwanted apps, like facebook, twitter, games, etc.

Use Power Saving Mode

 Save Battery On Android

This is the most powerful your android has to offer to save battery. When you are running out of battery and expecting some important calls or SMS, Then switch on the power-saving mode.

It will free the load on the processor and only emergency features will be active. Its will like a feature phone with a big display.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Android Battery Capacity Is Enough?

First of all, if you think that having a 5000mah battery will extend your battery life, then you are wrong.  Today’s technology is far exceeding so new batteries can hold longer than old ones, but the new processor and powerfull apps can drain a huge amount of battery power in hours.

And we don’t have an infinite battery capacity so how much battery capacity you have that does not matter because it comes with huge features that can drain everything easily.

Is Third Part Power Saving Apps Really Works?

Most of the third party power-saving apps do not do anything at all. It just stops some apps which automatically will start again. So what’s the point of installing those apps? besides that power saving app is also running in background so it will consume battery like other apps.

But there are few rooted apps than can actually work fine. But your device has to be rooted to use those apps. But the best way is optimizing settings as I told above.

How To Keep Battery Healthy?

There are lots of ways to keep your Mobiles battery healthy. But I am sharing some few of them. First, feed your battery fully don’t overcharge your battery. if you are charging your battery and playing some games or watching videos then it’s not good for your battery, charge your phone 100% and don’t do any task while charging.  Charge your battery when it’s below 20%.

If your android constantly Active for more then 3 days then switch it off for at least 10 minutes. Always keep your batteries cool, Extreme temperature can permanently damage your battery.


14 Hidden Settings To Save Battery On Android

  1. Optimize Screen Settings

    Screen consumes most of the battery, but you can fix this issue bt optimizing some settings

  2. Use Airplane Mode

    using airplane mode disables networks and its best for offline tasks

  3. Switch Networks

    switch your networks from 4g to 2g

  4. Limit Background Process

    set a limit for the background process to extend battery life

  5. Clear Your Homescreen

    Delete all the widgets in the home screen

  6. Use Lite Apps

    Use lite version of android apps

  7. Uninstall And Disable Unnecessary Apps

    uninstall useless apps and Disable system apps

  8. No Live Wallpaper And  Launcher

    Don’t Use ant third party launcher and wallpaper

  9. Restrict Background Data

    restricting background data can save battery and data

  10. Use Browser Then Apps

    Start using browser than apps

  11. Turn Off Rotation

    turn off gravity sensor to save battery

  12. Disable Data, Location, wifi, Bluetooth

    don’t forget to Disable Data, Location, wifi, Bluetooth

  13. Block Notification

    Notification is a huge task that drains energy

  14. Use Power Saving Mode

    Use your android default power saving mode


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