Hello folks today I am going to share with you the 100% granted
Adsense approval tricks for new blogs and websites, and yes if you follow this post, you can get Adsense approval in only 8 days. That’s fast because most of the time your blog has to be at least 1 month old before you will get Adsense to approve.

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How To Get Adsense Approval


How to get Adsense approval (5 Steps)

here is the list what you need to to get approved by Google Adsense. Follow these 5 steps carefully and you will be approved. i am 100% Sure.

A Top-Level Domain (#1)

If you are a beginner you may be wondering what is a top-level domain? the simple answer is a  top-level domain or TLD is not free. There is some various extension of a top-level domain like.COM  | .NET | .IN  | .CO  | .IO  | .UK. | ORG  | .XYZ, etc.

Top Level Domain To Approve Adsense

And there are the low-level domains or free domain like  TK | .ML | .GA | .GQ | .CF etc. If you use a low-level domain like these then you got a very slim chance to get Adsense approval. So the question is which domain is better for Adsense and SEO rankings?

the answer is it’s based on your blog/ websites niche. If you want to create a blog to get traffic internationally then you should buy domains like .com or .net. If you ask me what domain extension is best, my suggestion is .com

This is the best offer for a .com Domain In INDIA

Get A .COM @ Rs.399 For 1 Year| Bigrock

Also, be sure to buy only an SEO Friendly domain name for your website.

Can I approve Adsense account with blogger?

If you don’t have money to buy a top-level domain then please don’t register for low-level domains. You can use a blogger free subdomain like example.blogspot.com, But you have to qualify for the Adsense if you use blogger subdomain.

Here is a tutorial for complete blogger setup.  But even you get approval in blogger subdomain you can’t rank higher in google so I strongly suggest you purchase a TLD. You can use blogger with a TLD.

A Clean Theme (#2)

Clean And Responsive Theme To Approve Adsense

Your blog should be clean and beautiful, if you have a clean blog then not only google will approve your Adsense account, but also it will attract visitors. To make your website clean what you have to do is

  1. Delete all unnecessary widgets from sidebars
  2. only use popular posts, newsletter, archive widget in the sidebar
  3. make only  important categories as header/ primary main menu
  4. create a summary of your website on left/right side of the footer

that’s it.

What Theme Or Template Should I Use On My Website To Get Adsense Approve?

Only thing is matter is your blog should be nice, clean and responsive, you can use any WordPress theme or blogger template you like. But i can suggest you some themes and templates which is clean and ready for Adsense.

WordPress Free Theme:
Free Blogger Templates

Most Required Pages (#3)

Generate Required Pages To Approve Adsense

First things you need to remember that google Adsense approved to those sites who are serious about their work an professional. Adsense doesn’t track websites traffic to approve them to run ads, even if you have 0 visitors per day, you can approve ad sense.

But you have to be professional. you see all professional blogs and websites have a privacy policy, disclaimer, about and connect pages on their site which helps readers to contact you about any query and to see whats your site is about. What you need to do is just create those pages for your website and here is how.

Generate Required Pages

There are some pages which are mandatory to get Adsense to approve. If you don’t have those pages and apply for Adsense then its one chance in a million that your site got approval. these are the  policy pages, And if you are a beginner and  don’t know how to create those pages, you can just generate those pages for your blog

You have to generate Privacy Policy, terms of use and Disclaimer page to approve Adsense quickly on your site. And you can use these free tools to generate those pages for free

after generating those pages just add pages and copy-paste them.

Create About & Contact Page

This is an important part most of the people copy-paste about page on their website but I will not recommend it . just follow this and create your own about page. In the about page first, write whats your site is about.

Then you have to write your full name if you are an admin of this site and write why you created this website or blog and what useful information can people get from your site. and provide the niche you are writing about. then mention your city and your email address and publish the page.

To create a contact page you have to create a contact form, you can use contact form 7, Wp form builder to create a form and put that in your contact page, but if you are using blogger you can use free tools like powr.Io  From Builder

after that just put email, ` social media profile links so people can contact you and that’s it, you have created all the required pages successfully.

Create Quality Blog Posts (#4)

Create Quality Blog Posts

If you are a blogger or even a beginner you all know how to write a blogpost right. It’s very simple. But what you might don’t know what type of posts is best to get quick Adsense approval. Create A Free Professional Blog In 2019

How To Make Quality Content To Get Adsense Approval?

here are some tips on how you should write your post. If you follow these tips below it will not only help you to get Adsense approval but it will boost your rankings in google and you can get more organic traffic easily.

Make Headlines Accordingly

Make Articles Headlines Accordingly

To get Adsense approval you need to make content that is SEO friendly that easy to follow and can rank quickly.  make all your headlines accordingly like

Heading 1

Heading 2 

Heading 3

Heading 4


When you are creating a subheading of your main heading make that heading as heading 2 and if you have a minor heading of your subheading, make that heading 3 and so on…

Create Lists

let’s imagine you are writing a blog post of a recipe and when you are writing about the ingredients, which needed to cook, don’t make that list like this: coconut milk, butter, cheese, etc. Make a bullet list or number list like below

  • Coconut Milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese

you can activate this list option from above your writing area on blogger and WordPress.

Improve Readability

If you are writing a big blog post with lots of useful information, then don’t forget that a user can be bored quickly and if a user gets bored then they will lose the interest of reading your blog, no matter how much you write.

And if people lose interest the google will lose interest too, but if you create smaller paragraphs with only 3-4 lines then it’s easy to follow your post and when Adsense will inspect your site posts, they will find it useful.

 Create Own Designs

start using more images on your article it’s will make your content more attractive and people will share your blog posts. But you should use only copyright-free images, most beginners use images directly from google image search and you can get copyright to take down notice if you use images from google image search directly.

Create Your Own Design To get adsense approval

You can use google image search to find copyright-free images but first, you need to go to advanced search option and then change the usage rights to free to use commercially and save, now you can search for copyright-free images.

But I recommend creating your design in canva.com for free, sign up in canva and create images for your blog post.

Create Unique Content

There are millions of websites today that are writing about the same category, but if you think that you can copy and paste others content and earn a lot of money then you are mistaken, my friend. You may think that Google will not recognize a stolen content because there are millions of website but if you do copy then Adsense will not approve.

They have strong algorithm to detect copy-pasted content. Even if you somehow got approval, soon you will get a DMCA takedown notice on your email, your ad serving and google rankings on hat page will be disabled.

How To Create A Unique Content?

I know that no one is born with infinite knowledge, but to create blog post unique you need to choose a subject that you know well and you are sure that you can help others solving problems and answer their queries of that subject, but first, you need to know everything about that subject. follow this list below to create unique content.

  1. Do some research on google about a topic before writing
  2. collect all the data what you don’t know about that topic
  3. highlight the details of that post  and write a more detailed post
  4. write a post as if you are talking to your readers
  5. check plagiarism after finishing writing from FREE Palgorisam Detector

To gain more content ideas always read blogs that already ranking on google and falls under the same category. you can also watch youtube videos to get content ideas.

How Many Articles To Approve Adsense

You can write as many quality blog posts you like but they should have at least 800 words. if you are not alone to write an article for your blog then you can wite as many articles you want to get Adsense approval. All your articles should follow the writing style as i mention above.

But if you are a one-man army, then it’s hard to write more then 3 articles a day. If you want to get Adsense approval quickly then first you should write at least 15-18 articles within 15 days and then apply for Adsense. Promote Your Articles Through Digital Marketing

Maintain Adsense Policy (#5)

Maintain adsemse policy

Look i get it that most of us don’t like to read any policy and terms of any site or apps, but if you do read this and follow all the policy then you have 99% chance to get Adsense approval, and less then 1% chance of Adsense account suspension.  Here i am providing few important policies

Never Click Your Ads On Your Site

If you follow this policy then your Adsense account is 60% secure, after getting ad sense approval and placing ads many beginners click their ads to check if they are working properly. But never do that if you love your ad sense earnings,  If you see an interesting ad, you can put that URL into yore browser and find out that offer.

Place Your Ads in Right Location

Some of you may think that if you put ads where people will click ads accidentally and you will get more clicks, then Google will not hesitate to block your Adsense account permanently. Ads are for peoples interests, they click ads when they like the offer. if they click ads by accident they will close that site and you’re ad sense click-through rate will be high and your account can be permanently closed. the best location to put ads is on the sidebar and inside the article.

Don’t Ask People To Click Ads

I already told you that ads are for peoples interest, they click ads when they like that offer, if you are asking people to click ads fr you then you are violating the basic rule of Adsense. You just have to be patient, people will click ads when you get more visitors.

Which content you can’t Show

before applying in Adsense you should know that which content is restricted by google Adsense. if you post any adult content, copyrighted content, hateful content and any criminal activity related content then your account will not approve, and if you post this kind of contents after getting Adsense approval then your account will be terminated.

You can read more policy from Adsense Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Adsense Approval (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions About Adsense Approval

this is some common questions that asked by the user. i am answering some of them, if you have any further query please leave a comment and i will answer.

How To Apply For Adsense Correctly?

First thing is to do creating a website/blog by following the details as i mentioned above. Then visit the Adsense website, then click on the sign-up button and fill all the details correctly and verify your website. if you are using a blogger subdomain name then go to blogger and click on the earnings tab then sign up for Adsense with legit details.

How much Old Should My Website Should Be To Approve Adsense?

Many of the bloggers say your website should be 1 month old before applying in Adsense but in my case, i get Adsense approval in 2 weeks.  It doesn’t matter much. Whats matter is your blogs quality content and uniqueness. follow all the details i mentioned above in the post and you can apply for Adsense after 15 days.

Which Platform Is Best Blogger Or WordPress To Get Adsense Approval?

It does not matter at all you can choose what you like, Blogger is a free platform for blogging but WordPress comes with huge features and plugins to help ease your work. if you have no money at all you can use blogger its the best. but if you have some money to invest purchase a good Webhosting and install WordPress.

How Much Time Its Take To Get Approved After Applying In Adsense?

If you follow all the Adsense policy and apply for Adsense generally its take 3-5 day to approve, but in some cases, it takes 2 weeks to approve. but you can expect 4 days to approve your account.

How Much Trafic Should My Website Have?

Adsense just watches how serious you are about your site, not how much traffic you have. That means you can get approval even you have 0 visitors a day, but you have to follow all the policy and you have to write quality content also you should follow all the details i mentioned above.

Can I Use Others Bank Accounts To Receive Payments?

yes, you can. but in one condition you have to use a google account with that person’s name. And when you are applying for Adsense fill all the details of that person. when Adsense ask an id proof give the id of that other person.

When Adsense Will Send Mail To Verify My Address?

Adsense will send you a mail to your given address once you earn 10 Dollars. So make sure when you are providing your home address to your google account you give more details and also give a contact number inside the address section. it takes minimum 7-9 days to arrive the mail at your home.

Can I Use Adsense with Other Monetization Service?

That’s not a good idea when you are applying for Adsense. If you want to use Adsense then i recommend to only use Adsense, you have less chance of approval once you use other services.

How Much Money Can I Make From Adsense?

It’s based on your site’s traffic. the more traffic you have, the more money you make from Adsense.  but to earn more money you can sell your product and services.

Can I Use Affiliate Ads With Adsense Ads?

yes, you can. You can sell any affiliate product from your blog with Adsense ads. but be sure what your product is. Don’t show any illegal product ads. like guns, adult services.

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How Many Words Should My Article Have?

to approve in Adsense you need to have at least 800 words on every article. but to improve your rankings and optimize SEO, start writing blog posts of more than 2000 words. but don’t write anything off the subject.

Which Languages are supported by Adsense?

Not all languages in the world are supported by Adsense. so in which language you should write? here is a list of supported languages below.

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian *
  • Filipino
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Malay
  • Marathi
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian *
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • Swedish
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese

Do You Need To Have A Domain Name To Apply In Adsense?

You should have a top-level domain name to apply in Adsense. But if you don’t have money to purchase a domain name you can use blogger subdomain. But you have to qualify for Adsense first. and you can qualify if you follow this post.


So let’s see once more what we need to do to get Adsense approval.

  1. A To Level Domain
  2. A clean Theme
  3. Most Required Pages
  4. Create  Quality Blog Posts
  5. Maintain Adsense Policy

If you follow these points correctly as i mentioned above then you will get approval within 4 days after applying for Adsense. If you have any questions leave a comment.


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