Delete/Disable Paytm Account With Few easy steps

How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently

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I think most of you all are using online payment wallets like mobikwik, phonepe, freecharge etc.But paytm is the most popular wallet in India,Not  only because a large number of people use it but also its provide a strong security against cyber threats and also a large amount of cashback if you use it. So if anyone asks my opinion about what is the best online wallet? I will definitely share a invitation link to paytm app. But for any reason if you want to delete your paytm account and you don’t know how to do so then don’t worry, today we will talk about how you can easily delete your paytm account permanently.


Why would i delete my paytm account?

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently | Step-by-Step | Instructions
We live in a modern world , Those days of traveling with bags of money is gone, now you don’t need to worry about staying alert or maybe someone might snatch your parse and ran away. People’s wealth is  now more secure then you can think of.  Especially Youngsters   who are now using online payments systems to pay bills, recharges, hotel bookings even buying properties. So more and more people are joining to use online money transactions wallets for security and cashback offers. To make sure that nobody uses this wallets for any illegal activity and to verify their wallets, all people of India who are using online money transaction wallets  need to complete their kyc. And i know many of you have multiple accounts ,you cannot use multiple accounts {like me} in paytm  with one id. So it will be best to use only one account and delete the unused Paytm accounts.
Also if don’t like paytm for any reasons or maybe you created a paytm account accidentally, it is easy to delete paytm account with few steps  so lets gets started.

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently [With 3 Methods]

No Delete Button: 

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently | Step-by-Step | Instructions
First and most important of all. There is no delete button in paytm. So if you are here to find if there is a delete account button hidden in the paytm app,  you will press and your account will be deleted then i am sorry.Because you can delete your paytm account but not by pressing a single button. One97 company who owns paytm  does not allow anyone to delete paytm accounts without a good and valid reason. So  you must have a good reason to delete your paytm account.

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently by using paytm app [1st Method]

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently | Step-by-Step | Instructions
I know what you might be thinking now. That you have tried to find in every option in paytm app to delete your account ,no luck? Then No worries i will make things easy for you by dividing this task in few simple steps [ read carefully if you don’t want to ruin anything else]

Step 1: Download Old Paytm App


For these method to work you will need to download a old version of paytm app {which you can found below}. You cannot find this options related to your account deletion In the latest versions of paytm android app. Because they removed this option due to their security reasons. Install the old paytm in your mobile  by the given link below.

Step 2 : Open Old Paytm App And Delete Your Account

Finally you have downloaded the old version of paytm, now we will go to the second step.
Open the paytm app,here you have to find the profile section and then you can see a contact us button,press the button.Now you have to searched the subject “Delete My Paytm Account
After that You have to select the other option and You have to describe here briefly why you want to delete your account.Then submit the form and with in few working days it will be done. Remember if you  give a reason that is not valid or doesn’t match their policy then your account will not delete. I suggest you to give a proper and true reason for account deletion.

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently by Sending  email [2nd Method]

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently
So this sounds easy, right folks?
Yes of curse It is a easy method to delete you paytm account  what you need is a basic knowledge of how to write a email. since we are in a digital world i assume you all have that basic knowledge . If you don’t know how to send email properly  then don’t worry we will give you step-by-step instructions how you can delete your account with sending email to paytm care.

Step 1: Type Your Email Properly To Delete Your Paytm Account

For this step to work folks you will need a email account. No matter what email you are using gmail,yahoo mail etc.. Just make sure that email account is linked to your paytm account which you want to be deleted.
Open your email account and just click compose button to write your email.And in the subject bar type “Delete My Paytm Account”  and in the message section please type your reason for deleting your account. Once again you will need a good valid reason for deleting your paytm account.


Step 2: Attach a Id Proof and Send

Well done, Just getting into the final steps. After typing the reason for your account deletion you have to attach your id proof . You can attach any of your id: Adhar cad, voter id, passport or driving licence. Then send the email to  [email protected] and you are done. They will take 3-5 working days then your account will be deleted permanently.


How To Delete Paytm Account permanently by calling Paytm care [3rd Method]

How To Delete Paytm Account permanently | Step-by-Step | Instructions

This is the most easiest and most effective method of all. And i also suggest you should use  this method first.Good thing is you also don’t need step-by-step guide for this method because you just need a right number to call and you are good to go. So first dial this number   0120 3888 388  from your mobile which is linked to your paytm account which you want to disable/delete. After dialing, you might get confused that which option do you chose to delete paytm account. Just chose any option related to your paytm account that connects to a human representative and say a valid reason and they will delete your account within 3 working days.

If this article helps you to delete your paytm account then leave a comment by saying Yes. 


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