Holi In 2019:

Holi is a very popular festival in not only India and Nepal but it also celebrated in many countries like South Africa, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mauritius. The festival of color is celebrated after the night of Holika Dahan where all Hindus gathered in front of the bonfire and pray to destroy their inner demons like Holika, the sister of the evil king Hiranyakashipu who was killed in the fire.


Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?

And the next day we celebrate the festival of colors with our friends and families where we smear each other with powder of colors and drench each other. Kids shoot their water guns and water balloons which filled with various colored water, everyone participates in this festival friends, family, rich, poor, man, woman, children, elder  Hindu or not. Then the fight of colors begins in the open streets, open parks, Outside temples, and buildings.

The day of Holi, Everybody visits their friends, families, relatives to throw colored powder on each other. people made some customary drink named hang for this special occasion to enjoy this festival.

When Is Holi In 2019?

Holi is not only a National holiday in India and Nepal but its also regional holiday in many countries. The date of Holi generally falls in March but sometimes in late February. This year the Holi festival will be celebrated on 


20th March.

Why We Celebrate Holi: The Legends Behind The Holi Festival

There are some legends in our Indian culture that tells us why we celebrate Holi and you should know these stories if you are an Indian. 

Why We Celebrate Holi: The Legend Of Lord Vishnu 


Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?

There is an ancient legend that explains Why we celebrate Holi in the honor of Hindu deity Vishnu and his follower Prahlada. The king of the demon asuras,  Hiranyakashipu got a blessing that he could not be killed by a human nor by an animal neither at day nor at night, neither by any weapon,  neither at day nor at night, and neither on land nor in water or air. So he thinks he becomes a god and nobody can defeat him. And starts to terrorize people. 

Though his own son Prahlad does not follow his father’s orders and hates how he terrorize peoples, he is devoted to Lord Vishnu so Hiranyakashipu orders top punish his son for his disloyalty. But miraculously any of those punishments couldn’t able to harm Prahlad, Hiranyakashipu burst into anger and thoughts a way to punish by tricks. Holika, the evil aunt tricked him to sit on a hidden oven with her. She is wearing a cloak that can protect her from the fire but Prahlad was not. When the flames started her cloak flew by a strong wave of wind and covered Prahlad mysteriously. As a result, Holika died in her’s own trap. (That is why we celebrate Holika Dahan in front of a bonfire. To erase the evil and bring the lights in our life.) 

Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?

Then Lord Vishnu appeared as an avatar at dusk to destroy the evil which is a big threat to humankind. Narsimha, The avatar becomes a being of half human and half lion. He took Hiranyakashipu at the doorstep because he could not be killed in indoor or in outdoor. Then Narasimha took him into his lap which was not land and not in the air. And he finally elements the demon king with his lion claws which is not a handheld weapon.

The Holika Dahan does not only remind us the heroic presence of Narasimha but it also gives us a message that no matter how powerful can an evil becomes If there is a small light of hope that can lead us to victory can defeat any evil.

Why We Celebrate Holi: The Legend Of Lord Krishna


Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?
In the story of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna spent his childhood in braj area in India, unlike any other state festival of colors celebrated hugely there. As an Indian, we all heard the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha. But maybe some of you don’t know the story about why we celebrate Holi as the festival of colors. Lord Krishna has dark skin because he was poisoned by a demon named Putona when he was a baby. In his youth, Lord Krishna doubts that of any girl will like him because of his dark skin tone.
So Yashoda, mother of Lord Krishna, suggested Krishna approach Radha and ask her to color his face with any color she wants. Since that day they become a couple and a symbol of true love. Ever since Radha painted Krishna’s face with colors that day become a day for all of us remembered as holy, The day of love which we celebrate with colors.

Why We Celebrate Holi: The Legend Of Lord Shiva 

Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?

 Lord Shiva, The Hindu god of destruction goes into a meditative state for a long time. So goddess Parvati,  wife of Lord Shiva becomes upset and wants to bring lord shiva back into the world again. So she requested kama (the god of love) for help. The Kama agreed to help and shoots an arrow of love to Lord Shiva but he opened his third eye and burns the arrow to ashes. For this incident, Rati (the wife of the Kama also known as kamdevi) and Paravati gets disappointed. So Rati goes into her own meditative state for forty days. From which lord Shiva understands his mistake and restores the god of love. The day returning god of love is forty days after Vasant Panchami is celebrated as Holi

How Holi Celebrated In Other Countries?

Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?



How Holi Celebrated In Nepal

Unlike many festivals of India  Holi is also celebrated as a national festival of Nepal. Where Holi is also a National Hollyday like India. Their celebration of Holi is based on the Legend of Lord Krishna. People of Nepal go to their neighbors’ house to play with the colors by throwing colored powders to each other and shooting water guns and balloons like India.

How Holi Celebrated In Russia

We all know that India’s one the most friendly countries is Russia. But did you know that Russia not only a friend of India but also a fan of its culture and festivals. People of Russia love Holi festival. Thousands of Russians gathered together for this event. They spray the colors at each other and enjoy the moment with their close ones.

How Holi Celebrated In America

Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?

Holi is celebrated in many countries including the United States of America. Almost every states of Us celebrate this festival of colors. Not only the Hindu peoples but also many Christians of America is love to celebrate this unique festival of colors. It’s celebration usually held in cultural halls and temples buy members of the Hindu groups. Where traditionally people paint each other’s faces with colored powder. And do some traditional dances and songs.

There are so many places in united states where Holi is celebrated as a social event. Like  NYC Holi Hai in new york, Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple at Spanish Fork, Utah and festival of colors: Holi Nyc in New York. Thousands of American gathered in these places and to play Holi.

History Of Holi Colors

Happy Holi 2019: Why We Celebrate Holi?
Usually, you can use any color to play Holi in India. There is no rule. But people mostly people uses red, yellow, pink and green colored powder to play Holi. Though these colors symbolize some facts. Bust usually people could not care about these facts anymore. 
 In this new age people are using ready-made colors to play Holi but in history, people made this colored powders with there own hands with natural ingredients. Those colors were made from various flowers like Palash, Jacaranda,tumaric and many others. The good thing about those natural color is this colors could not affect your skin like the ready-made colors we use now.

Be Safe During Holi!

Researchers have found in a study in 2007, malachite green, a synthetic dye used in many colors in the Holi festival. Which results in an eye irritation problem in Delhi. Many people used this color and affected. So it would be wise to not use these colors very much it can damage your skin so ay attention when you buy colors from the market and watch the label for any harmful materials.
I hope this post helps you to know more about Holi and its significance.
If you find your answer that why we celebrate Holi Then leave a comment and share this post with your friends.Because they need to know why they are playing Holi. Enjoy this Holi with your friends and family and be safe.
Happy Holi 2019.


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