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How To Create Facebook Page For Business

Create a Facebook Page For Business In 5 Minutes

To create a facebook page for business, first, you need to have a facebook account, which i think you already have. but if you don’t have a FB account. you can create Fb Profile with few steps. Then let’s make a facebook page first.

Step 1: Create A Facebook Page

How To Create Facebook Page For Business

Log in to your Facebook account then you will see a create button on the top menu. Click on it and then click on the page button.

How Create Facebook Page For Business

Now click on the get started button from the business section and type your business name, category and all other details.

How Create Facebook Page For Business

Here facebook will ask you to upload a profile picture, you can upload your business logo here. But make sure your logo is square. You can skip this process also if you don’t have the logo right now.

How Create Facebook Page For Business


After uploading the profile picture, you have to add a cover photo, i recommend you to skip this process right now, you have to upload a cover that fits in facebook Desktop & Mobile version. and i will show you how you can create a cover photo and upload later.

Your page is now created. but now you have to modify some settings and add more details.

Step 2: Optimize FB Page Settings

Here you will learn how to optimize your facebook page according to your business, So it will look professional.

Add Every Detail

If you fill all the details on your page with the right information, Facebook will see your page a trusted page and when you post anything, more people can see your post.

  • Add Page Info

How Create Facebook Page For Business

To fill every detail of your page go to settings>> page info. Here you have to fill all boxes and save the changes. Starting with the description.

In the description box, you have to write about the products or services you are providing on this page. Means you have to write a small summary of your business here. after writing click save Changes

Now you have to fill all other details correctly. choose all category that suits your business. Add phone number, email, website, address, business hours correctly.

If you don’t have something, like a website you can check the box of my page doesn’t have a website and save changes. Also if you have a store then make sure you give a specific location, hours, price range.

If you have a website or blog, you can add your privacy policy URL in page info.

  • Fill About Section

Now go to the pages about section from the left panel. Here you have to type some more details.

a. Create Page Username

This is one of the major details you should have on your facebook page. to create a username for your page first click on the create page @ username,

How Create Facebook Page For Business

A box will open, here you have to enter your business name without space. If that name is already used, you can add a few words to make it available, like if Technopedia name is already used you can type Technopediablog or Technopediaindustry.

When you first create your facebook page you may not be eligible to have a username. To be eligible, follow this post and wait for maximum 15 days then try it again.

b. Add Business Story

In this section, you can write a story about your business. But i recommend you to write a simple question that attracts new visitors. You should answer why people will use your products or services. What so special about your business that others don’t provide or don’t have.

Click On the +Tell people about your business to start writing. On the title bar type why people should use your business, like

10 Reasons Why You Should Use —– 

then give a proper answer and highlights points and click Publish. 

Also, you can add the start date of your business from about section, add the date when you started your business.

c. Add Other Social Media Accounts

If you want to run your business online then you should have accounts on popular social media, And If you already have accounts then you can link those profiles on to your facebook page, It will help people to follow your other accounts. And your page will look legit to Google also.

To link other social media profiles to your page, click on the Edit Other Accounts and choose the social media profile you have and go to your other social media profile and copy the link address and paste it on the box.

Settings Modification

Follow these setting modifications and your facebook page will optimize as a business page.

  • Choose Page Template

You need to apply templets according to your business. First, go to settings>> Templets and tabs 

Here you will see the templets section. Click on the Edit button and all the ready-made templates will show. You can choose what suits your business best. If you have event management or photography business, choose services template. 

If you have a restaurant, coffee or any ready-made cookshop you can select Restaurants and cafes. And if you are a YouTuber or a vlogger you can choose Video Page. Or if you have a clothing shop, choose Shopping Template.

Now to apply the templates, click on the View Details button then click on Apply Template button. And your template is successfully applied to your page.

  • On & Off Tabs

After applying the template you need to switch off those tabs which you don’t need. To manage tabs you need to go to Settings>>Templates and Tabs

Here you will found many tabs like Photos, Videos, Events, groups, etc. And you need to turn off unwanted tabs. If you don’t sell any product, turn off the shop tab

To turn off any tabs first click on the Settings button beside the tab, which you intend to off. then a switch will appear, click to off the switch and then click Save.

  • Automatic Reply Setting

If you are running a business online or on facebook then you need to answer people queries and engage with people more. But if you’re not online at the time when someone sends a message to your page.

And you don’t reply because you are offline then you may lose that customer. What you can do is modify some message settings on your facebook page and it will automatically reply to those who send you a message.

To urn on automatic reply go to Settings>> Messaging, now you need to locate Responsive assistant section from  below and click on Go To Automated Responses

Now click on the instant reply button from the left panel then click on the edit button and add your custom message and click Save and it’s done.

You can also show people a custom away message when you are not working or not online on facebook from this section, click on the Away Message then click Edit, now select your time zone and type your custom message and save the changes.

  • Manage Instagram From Your Page

If you have an Instagram account where you posts photos of your products and services or upload videos etc, you can join your Instagram account to your page and manage your account from your facebook page easily.

To connect Instagram with your page, first, go to Settings>> Instagram then click on Connect Account, then a new tab will open and if you are already logged in Instagram then it will show continue as——, and if you are not logged in then log in with your account and continue. Now your Instagram account is connected to your page.

  • Add Workers To Your Page

If you are not alone of your business you can add other peoples to your page, It will ease your work a lot, When you are away others can engage with customers and also create posts on your page, reply to comments, etc. You can add peoples as an Editor, Moderator, Analyst, Advertiser. But you never add one as admin, Only owner of your business should be admin.

To add other people go to Settings>> Page Roles then type the name of that worker and choose the role and click on add, remember when you add someone to your page, he/she will get a notification and if they accept it then they will be added to your page.


Now you have successfully optimized all the required settings and now move onto next step.

Step 3: Create Professional Designs

Your facebook page should look professional, So you need to create a beautiful cover photo for your business page. You can use canva.com to create a cover photo, Logo, FB Posts

And if you don’t have an idea of how you can create a good design, then don’t worry there hundreds of free ready-made designs, you just have to edit and type your words. So lets create a beautiful cover photo & Logo for free.

First, go to Canva.com and signup with your Google account,  After signing up, you will see a big search box, type facebook cover then click on the facebook cover result

Then you will see all the free templets from the left section and choose a templet you like and edit it with your business name and tagline and then press the download button on the top right corner. Your cover photo will be downloaded, now when you upload it on facebook, it will perfectly fit.

You can also create your own design in Canva with free stock photos, hundred of fonts, graphic elements, drawings. And if you want to create a logo for facebook, Search Canva for Logo then click on the result and do the same process as i mentioned above.

Step 4: Get Page Likes and Followers

If you are here that means you want to run & promote your business on Facebook, I know you can create ads to promote your products and services, but do you know that if you get more organic views on your posts that will affect your page and  you will get more likes, follows, comments without investing any money.

  • Create Unique Posts

But you need to follow this post to get more likes, followers. First, stop posting things only about your business. You can promote your products but remember you are on a social media platform, so if you are not doing any social work, how can you expect people to like your page.

By social work, mean you have to create few posts that everyone like, That could be a meme a joke if you think that any funny stuff is not compatible with your business, you can post quotes, motivational speeches, rare pictures, emotional stories, etc.post your products and services but also create those post to promote your page.

  • Upload Creative Videos

Facebook is not going to be a huge platform for videos, And it is the best way to promote your business, you have to make a video creatively if you only make a video about your products and services only few will like,

but if you create an emotional, motivational, funny, dramatic video and also present your products like it’s a part of the video, not a promotion then i am 100% sure your video will go viral as well as your products and services, but most importantly your brand name will promote.

Step 5: Create An Account In Facebook Business Manager

If you are planning to run ads on facebook and create a professional business page then you need to create an account in facebook business manager, As the name suggests, you will have complete control of your of page, if you create an account in facebook business manager.

You can create a free account in facebook business manager First, go to Facebook and login to your account, then go to Facebook Business Manager(https://business.facebook.com). Here you will see a form to create an account in business manager, fill the form with correct details and proceed not next.  After filling all the required details you need to add your Facebook page into your account.

To do that go to pages under the account section from the left panel. you will see a box, start typing your page name and when it shows on the page click on it and press the add page button. If you didn’t find your page, go to Facebook and visit your page, then copy the address of your page and paste it on the box.

You can create ads, add partners, manage workers, add your website and do much more with the business manager.


So to run a successful business follow these 5 steps carefully and make sure to share this guide to others,










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